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The Lay Of The Land

Fast Track From Final Cut Pro to DVD SP

Quick Menu From Photoshop to DVD SP

Using VTS Views

Setting Build Folder

Quick Compressor Overview

Layered Menus

Transitions In Menus

Rotating Drop Zones

Quick Mapping (early verions)

More Mapping Examples

Using Motion to Create
Animated Backgrounds (FADE IN )

Using DVD SP Assets From Templates

Auto Assigning Buttons/
More Button Creation-Mapping

Semi/Pseudo Animated Rollovers Sort Of

Basic Return To Menu

Track Markers Jumps

Stories Details

Scriptless Play All/Scene Selection

Stories & Jumps

Random Return To Menus

Make A "Secret" Passcode

Using Scripts For Preferences (Audio Selection)

Random Fun (Making Random Jumps to Material)

Bit Shift Bingo


I decided to put this site up as a place to help those with some DVD Authoring issues and other issues related to editing.

Being a MacCentric type of person, there will be a heavy bent to Apple :)

In a short time there will be tutorials and some detailed explanations because I often find that sometimes posting answers on boards with enough details and examples becomes a challenge and a bit overboard, as it were. Figured it was good karma to help others since so many helped me when I started out awhile back, and they continue to do so to this day. There will be some short movies (a minute or two or length) showing how to set up certain things that often come up.


June 30, 2006


Movies are all being converted to H.264 QuickTime Format. Feel free to download and scroll through slowly where ever it will help.

As of September 13, 2006, the site is being revised to add further instructions, images and new material. Hopefully the links will remain the same :)

Very often there can be more than one approach to an issue or problem. As time goes on I will try to present more options

Also, as with anything related to computers, bugs can creep in. So no matter what you read, you need to test, test, test, re-test and proof any thing that you make, ALWAYS.

All material ©2006 Drew13 and the respective owners of materials