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bits and bytes can get crazy

You will hear of something called a DVD-5 (which is suppossed to be 5 gigs it would seem) and a DVD-9 (well looks like 9 gigs), but it is not.

A DVD-5 actually only holds 4.7 Gigs of material and a DVD-9 holds 8.54 Gigs of material

No wait, I am wrong, a DVD-5 hold 4.37 Gigs of material and a DVD-9 holds 7.95 Gigs of material

No wait I was right the first time, no come to think of it the second time, argh, I was actually right BOTH times.

I would guess that you mmay have bought a brand new 250 Gig Hard Drive and then hooked it up to your computer and found out that it ain't quite that much free space. It is because the way that these things have been referred to. There is some rounding going on - a kilobyte for instance SHOULD be 1000 bytes but computers have 1024 bytes in a kilobyte. So 4.7 gigabytes is 4.37 gigabytes. Quick way to see this is do a "Get Info" on a file and two sizes are reported.

So if you think you have only 4 Gigs of encoded video when you look at the folder and see the size in the view, do a Get Into and you willl see you may over your limit.

Now DVD SP has a meter in it, which tells you how much room you have left may be off because of this ("Hey the disc meter says I am way over!!!")

Also it is prone to acting weird when changing assets and show things REALLY off (like 16 Gigs sometimes). Close the project and reopen it and it usually clears things up.


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