Sunday Feb 23, 2020



The Lay Of The Land

Fast Track From Final Cut Pro to DVD SP

Quick Menu From Photoshop to DVD SP

Using VTS Views

Setting Build Folder

Quick Compressor Overview

Layered Menus

Transitions In Menus

Rotating Drop Zones

Quick Mapping (early verions)

More Mapping Examples

Using Motion to Create
Animated Backgrounds (FADE IN )

Using DVD SP Assets From Templates

Auto Assigning Buttons/
More Button Creation-Mapping

Semi/Pseudo Animated Rollovers Sort Of

Basic Return To Menu

Track Markers Jumps

Stories Details

Scriptless Play All/Scene Selection

Stories & Jumps

Random Return To Menus

Make A "Secret" Passcode

Using Scripts For Preferences (Audio Selection)

Random Fun (Making Random Jumps to Material)

Bit Shift Bingo


People are often used to seeing things made in Director or Flash where buttons will change states (move etc.) and/or play audio as a "rollover".

DVD SP (not due to a DVD SP, but DVD SP specs) does not make rollovers - for instance there is no way to assign a sound to be played when a button is selected.

There are some workarounds to try, both within DVD SP and also using other apps, but none of them will be as smooth as most people want or envision. For instance, layered menus will give the appearence of a rollover, but it will not be consistent across all players.

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